GFA offers a complete range of book keeping and financial accounting services aimed at assisting small business to mid-sized companies. We help our clients with accounting and tax preparation needs which ultimately help in reducing their finance and accounting operating costs. We provide value added bookkeeping services to a large number of businesses in all industries all across the globe.

Get a hold over your finances

It is necessary for a business owner to know how the funds are being utilized for the day-to-day running of businesses. Our comprehensive and elegant bookkeeping services will help Small and Mid-sized business owners in analysing the financial data related to the spending and revenue in real time. A clear and insight of finances will help business owner in discovering and implementing new ways towards limiting ushering the profitability of the business.
GFA offers smart and efficient way of improving the invoicing, collection and customer satisfaction with its Account Receivable service.
We will work in close unison with your office to design an efficient and robust invoicing system. This system will be utilized to create invoice for your customers by feeding the necessary data. No invoice will be sent without your approval in order to maintain the business decorum and to ensure no lapses are made from any side.
Our strong accounts receivable system will help in improving the cash flow of your business through reliance on latest technology and string accounting practices.

Our Accounts Receivable service includes:

  • Creation of a seamless invoicing system
  • Timely gathering of data for invoicing
  • Sending out of invoices to customers after approvals
  • Sending of statements, reports, customized MIS to customers
  • Ageing analysis
  • Making collection follow-ups
  • Reduce accounts receivable adjustments and bad debt write-offs