GFA offers a complete range of book keeping and financial accounting services aimed at assisting small business to mid-sized companies. We help our clients with accounting and tax preparation needs which ultimately help in reducing their finance and accounting operating costs. We provide value added bookkeeping services to a large number of businesses in all industries all across the globe.

Get a hold over your finances

It is necessary for a business owner to know how the funds are being utilized for the day-to-day running of businesses. Our comprehensive and elegant bookkeeping services will help Small and Mid-sized business owners in analysing the financial data related to the spending and revenue in real time. A clear and insight of finances will help business owner in discovering and implementing new ways towards limiting ushering the profitability of the business.
GFA Fixed Asserts services team works in collaboration with the clients to ensure that their fixed assets comply with government’s regulations as well as we devise ways to save taxes and bringing more financial benefits.
Most of the business wrongly views the fixed assets as low risk element from the financial perspective. But in this modern era having inferior records related to the ghost assets, grouped assets with vague description and with wider data gaps result in exposing the business to risks ranging from financial, tax to regulatory compliance.
GFA performs a broader review of the cost recovery methods which can be utilized in current as well as prior years for each fixed asset. This helps in determining the best accounting method for each asset and providing significant saving in taxes.

Our Fixed Assets service includes:

  • Track purchases as to proper authorization and need exists
  • Tracking of assets periodically with books
  • Tracking maintenance and AMC details of assets
  • Analyzing effective life span and replacement cost