GFA offers a complete range of book keeping and financial accounting services aimed at assisting small business to mid-sized companies. We help our clients with accounting and tax preparation needs which ultimately help in reducing their finance and accounting operating costs. We provide value added bookkeeping services to a large number of businesses in all industries all across the globe.

Get a hold over your finances

It is necessary for a business owner to know how the funds are being utilized for the day-to-day running of businesses. Our comprehensive and elegant bookkeeping services will help Small and Mid-sized business owners in analysing the financial data related to the spending and revenue in real time. A clear and insight of finances will help business owner in discovering and implementing new ways towards limiting ushering the profitability of the business.
Processing of employees’ salaries has to be done each month by companies in a timely and accurate manner. It might appear to be a simplistic task to perform but a number of factors comes into a question when HR starts the payroll. GFA brings an elegant and dynamic solution to process the payroll in timely, accurate and repetitive way without any undue concerns.
Our payroll service will allow you to make most of the resources, time and equipment in a more productive fashion. We offer 99%accuracy in the payroll processing which is rendered by a team of highly qualified and experienced accountants and professionals. We understand the need to maintain secrecy therefore you will get heightened level of confidentiality from our part while providing employee communication, payroll calculation and other related activities. We will take care of reporting usage, accrual calculation, balances and other of your employees.
GFA professionals relies on the latest version of software for maintenance of payroll such as Sage, QuickBooks or we can make use of software which you prefer.

Our Payroll Service includes:

  • Payroll creation
  • Cross checking the same with attendance sheets
  • Calculation of state and federal taxes
  • MIS / analysis
  • Compute and prepare net amount to be transferred to bank
  • Avoid penalties from incorrectly calculating payroll taxes